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Coach Bambi Brand

Web Spectron is in a Business Development and Marketing partnership with the Coach bambi brand. “Coach Bambi” offers the following services; Ads Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Brand Content Creation, Business Consulting, Business Plans Writing, Brand Ambassadorial Deals, Paid Online Courses in e-books, audio-books and illustrative video classes.

  • Project Type: Graphics/Doc Design
  • WhatsApp/Phone: +(237) 654 390 063
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Ask Us, Work with Us, Grow with Us...


YEAR 2023

Your brand is a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.

Working tirelessly, building stronger partnerships to better serve you Web Spectron Digital Creative Agency partners with Business Development Coach and Influencer Marketer VALENTINE FONYUY (Coach Bambi). This partnership opens a wide range of marketing options in the digital sphere with more focus on Digital Strategy Consulting and Influencer Marketing.

CLIENT Coach Bambi
AGENCYWeb Spectron
TYPEGraphics/Doc Design

COACH BAMBI Background

Coach Bambi is a good team player and a skilled communicator with a very vibrant and active WhatsApp community of over 5,000 contacts, her interest in marketing and exploring creativity has led to her regular organization of free courses and private business consulting sessions on how to navigate online marketing space which has benefited over 1,500 participants so far. She is a die-hard fan of smart work and accountability when it comes to running businesses. She has used her marketing expertise to influence multiple brands online via creative ad videos and creating brand awareness content for these brands which has driven massive sales and in turn earned her a great audience online.

Our mission/vision in the long run is to impact over 10,000 individuals in the business world touching sectors like Sales, Marketing and Financing in the next 5 years