Web Spectron

C.S.R Policy

We Strive to be Socially Responsible, CSR is at the Core of Our Values.

Web Spectron employs only CAMEROONIANS
who represent 100% of the company’s EMPLOYEES.

All our staff have been with the company for over one year and we have undertaken significant levels of training in digital marketing, frontend & backend web design, management, social media marketing and UI/UX Design at Web Spectron, to develop our people’s skills. Throughout Web Spectron, our commitment to personal development is paramount and we see our operations in Cameroon as an example of how to successfully do business within a country, with both employees and local stakeholders.

Web Spectron is committed to strengthening local communities. Our approach is to liaise with communities; identify key needs and then develop projects ourselves or work in conjunction with established organisations. We look to ensure that a true cross section of community members participate in active schemes.

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Social Responsibility Policy Statement

Web Spectron Digital Creative Agency is conscious of the social impact that its activities may have on the community and pays great attention to ensuring that its activities run smoothly, in co-operation with community organizations, civic institutions, contractors and stakeholders.

Web Spectron Digital Creative Agency believes that its activities should generate economic benefits, create opportunities for an improved quality of life, respect the environment and constitute a positive influence in the communities in which it operates.

The Company is committed to conducting its business responsibly, with honesty, integrity and in accordance with all applicable local and international regulations and laws, respecting human rights and the interests of all those that may be affected by its activities, with the aim of achieving long-term sustainability.

All employees, free lancers and visitors of Web Spectron Digital Creative Agency premises are required to adhere to this policy and are encouraged to apply its principles at all times and in all places.

CSR Objectives

a.) Create a working environment for our employees based on mutual trust and respects, and in which diversity and inclusion are valued.

b.) Consider potential social impacts of Company activities (e.g. demographic, socioeconomic, social infrastructures, natural resources, life-style and cultural heritage) and adopt solutions that enhance the positive Effects on local communities and reduce adverse effects.

c.) Be a role model and build long term relations within local communities founded on trust and mutual benefit.