The Best Marketing Strategies for 2022

The Best Marketing Strategies for 2022

If you’re about to embark on designing your brand-new marketing strategy for 2022, then this detailed piece will be useful as it covers the best marketing strategies that marketers are using today, including social media marketing.

Establish Your Marketing Goals

Your marketing strategy should have clearly defined goals and an understanding of the steps you need to take to achieve success. It will also detail the different marketing channels you intend to use to grow your brand’s awareness, as well as the techniques you want to apply to each marketing activity.

Marketing a brand online today is much more complex than the marketing of the past. Digital marketing is the key to a successful presence online, to get more Instagram followers, and with digital marketing comes plenty of different techniques. We’ve collected a selection of what we believe are the best marketing strategies for 2022 to help you leverage your brand and give it the kudos it deserves.

The Best Marketing Strategies – Techniques You Should Employ

Here is a list of the techniques that you need to be doing to ensure your brand is given the best opportunity for success, can you buy Instagram likes? Yes, if you need a hand growing your social media presence. You can also buy views on Instagram.

  • Storytelling
  • PR
  • Brand Extensions
  • Podcasts
  • Video
  • Community
  • Blogs
  • Optimization
  • Skyscrapers
  • Emails
  • Audience
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Scoring


The reason that brands use storytelling is to gain attention.  Storytelling also stays in mind as the stories carefully tap into emotion.  Storytelling should be a part of all of your content, from crafting an interesting narrative on your About Us page to describing your products and posting social media content.  Use storytelling in how-to-do posts, guides, blogs, posts, on images, in your web content – everywhere.  Unless you’re a highly professional organization, speak to your consumers as you would a friend and use emotion to excite and intrigue them.

Using Digital PR

Digital PR relates to all public relations activity online and the purpose is to reach new audiences.  In 2020, the average person spent 2 hours and 25 minutes on social media every day so there’s a lot of opportunity to get your brand seen by your audience.  Public Relations professionals aren’t just using offline opportunities to publicize brands and are shifting a lot of their focus to online opportunities.  Using digital PR, you can move your audience to your website and social media profiles.  Try pitching a story to a PR but make sure that it’s relevant to their audience and it’s interesting, find a unique angle that makes someone really want to read it.

Brand Extensions

This marketing strategy technique is to increase awareness in new methods.  To do this, you need to develop new products in industries where you don’t have a market share.  By already having some brand awareness, you are already one step ahead, and extending your brand gives you a new revenue stream.  It’s like a cookie brand moving into the cake category.  Or an established womenswear brand moving into childrenswear.

Using Podcasts

Audio is another popular media stream and people aged 12 and above are tapping into podcasts.  Research tells us that on average, people tune into their podcasts around 17 hours a week, while in the car, working out, getting to work or school, and just relaxing.  The demand for audio has grown significantly.  When contemplating adding a podcast to the mix, think about the content because if it’s not interesting, you’ll turn off your audience – literally!  You may want to introduce guest speakers that relate to your brand or maybe conduct an interview series.  Listen to other podcasts to inspire your creativity and come up with ideas.

Using Video

Video or Vlogging is now bigger than blogging and the use of infographics.  There are reasons why.  It’s easy to use, once you’ve created a video, you can place it on your website, share it on your social media platforms and even embed it into your blog.  Video also helps with your search engine optimization because YouTube is a search engine in itself.  Plus you get plenty of engagement.  Consider it this way, video consumption is bigger than TV use and it’s easier to get information across using video format, far easier than using words. Your best marketing strategies should include video, the written word, and podcasts to maximize as many streams as possible to get your brand messages across to your audience.


Another important marketing strategy is building a community that gives your brand or business more authority.  By creating a community online, you build brand awareness by building relationships with your customers not to mention people in your industry too and you generate more leads.  Use Facebook groups or create a hashtag that users recognize as part of your brand.  Perhaps you could create a forum or a network of individuals that are part of a “private” group?  By having a group you improve the relationship between your customers and your brand.  Make it beneficial, and use it to share information with your audience so they keep coming back for more and be visible on it.  If you don’t use it, then you lose it!


Having a blog associated with your brand is another useful way to drive traffic to your website but you do need to optimize your blog title to make sure it appears on search engines.  Don’t just use the first blog title that comes to mind.  You need an attention-grabbing title that makes your audience sit up and take notice, so they click on it and read your post.  A good tool to use when crafting your blog headlines is Headline Analyzer.

Optimization – One of the Best Marketing Strategies

SEO is an art and it’s not easy to understand but for front-end SEO you can do it yourself. For back-end SEO, you need a web tech firm to employ SEO techniques. However, the best starting point is to make sure that your website and other content are ranking for keywords. To find out the best keywords for your business, use Google Analytics. Don’t be put off by the lists you get from this tool. You want to use the top performers and as a rule of thumb, use 11 keywords in every 1,000 words of content. Do use them naturally though, they need to read well or Google could penalize you.

Historical SEO

Once you’ve checked your current SEO situation, it’s worth visiting your historical SEO to see how your past posts performed.  You could add historical optimization and include some of your most recent keyword searches to help those posts rank better.  People do read historical posts and there’s a fascinating statistic that tells us that 75% of our viewers come back to us because they’ve read an old blog post.  Just because they’re historical doesn’t mean they’re irrelevant!

Building Links for Best Marketing Strategies

Another excellent marketing strategy is using backlinks.  To do this, you need to reach out to other businesses and brands and ask them to link to your website.  They may or may not charge you – or they might ask you to link to them in exchange.  Make sure that your content is relevant to their website as well.  Alternatively, perform some research.  Find content that ranks well for your keywords.  Then, simply create better content that ranks higher!

Using Powerful Email Marketing for Best Marketing Strategies

Never underestimate the power of a good-quality email!  Emails can work wonders and nurture relationships while improving click-through. However, don’t fall into the trap of sending email after email, the one thing you don’t want is to see customers hit the “unsubscribe” button.  Americans spend hours a day checking their email so if you want to be seen, you’ve got a good chance!  Americans also like email to stay up-to-date with their favorite brands.  When crafting an email, use a catchy header (check out the headliner tool we discussed earlier in the piece), don’t make it too wordy or you’ll lose your reader, and have an enticing offer or coupon code to encourage them to take action.  Done well, and email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies you can use for your business.

Personalize Content to Your Audience

There are so many avenues for content that it can be overwhelming so to make sure that your content hits the right note and reaches your target audience, you want something relevant and interesting.  That’s where audience segmentation comes into play.  Audience segmentation splits your database into groups of people based on demographics and behavior.  It’s your audience – but it’s categorized so you target specific information to each category.  You might be a womenswear brand, but you might offer maternity wear, for example, you would identify those customers due to work on segmentation.  Using this technique, you increase the value proposition of your emails by keeping them super-relevant and crafting messages to appeal to those people.  You are more specific, plus it means that thousands of people wouldn’t receive information about maternity wear when they’re not pregnant.  It’s clever and it works.

Marketing Automation

Improve the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns by using marketing automation.  This is an automated service which means you don’t have to perform anything manually.  It’s tech, and it frees you up to concentrate on something else.   You can apply the technology as an auto-reply to customer messages, to send out new campaigns, to generate leads through targeted campaigns, to remind your audience about events, to welcome new customers, and to upsell your campaigns.  However, for marketing automation, you will need to spend money on a software provider but measure whether or not it will benefit you – think about where you could allocate your time better and whether or not marketing automation will be cost-effective for your business needs.

Lead Scoring

This is the technique of ranking your leads and is another automated software.  In doing so, you’ll be able to identify better leads, those close to closing a sale so you prioritize and target your marketing directly to them.  It’s like the items left in an online shopping basket but the consumer didn’t complete the checkout process.  A lead scoring mechanic would be an automated email an hour later reminding them to checkout…. Of course, that is one example, but there are many other examples where lead scoring is a worthwhile marketing strategy to employ.  In fact, when you identify your biggest “possible” leads and you target them, you should see a positive shift in your sales.

Final Words on the Best Marketing Strategies

The above are some of the latest, best new marketing strategies that used with your own marketing strategy should help to grow your brand or business and get real Instagram followers.  You can’t stand still in an ever-changing landscape so while past strategies have always worked, you still need new ideas to keep it fresh.  We hope the above best marketing strategies’ ideas have given you more inspiring ways to market your business and wish you a successful year ahead.

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