Back to School BOTA Land Limbe Cameroon

#BacktoSchool BOTA Land 2023 by Welfare Aid for the Future, Webspectron, and Partners Limbe South West Cameroon.

On Saturday, 5th August, Welfare Aid for the Future conducted its 2nd Back to School (#BacktoSchoolbyWAF) outreach program in Limbe, BOTA Land, SW Cameroon. This outreach is part of our 10-year educational plan to reach out to Africans, starting with Cameroon, by providing educational materials such as books, pens, school bags, and other necessary items to school children in most need in various Communities in the South West Region of Cameroon, Which we started at the HOTPEC Orphanage Mile 14 Buea Cameroon.

Over 500 school materials, including books, pens, and school bags, were given to children in Bota-Land Limbe. This is an effort to ensure that these children have the necessary tools to succeed in their education. The event was a great success, with many children displaying excitement and gratitude for the donations and support.

The outreach program is a great initiative by the Welfare Aid for the Future, as it shows our commitment to promoting education in communities that need it the most, making a positive impact and striving to make a difference in the lives of children.

Jumping for joy – and education! Team Welfare Aid for the Future had an incredible time giving back to the children of Bota-Land Limbe, and these photos capture the excitement and happiness we all felt at the end of the day! Together, we’re making education accessible and providing the necessary tools for these children to succeed. Let’s keep jumping towards a brighter future!

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