Crystal Hair Challenge 2022 Structural Branding by Webspectron in Partnership with Handyman Services Do IT

We design experiences every company has a story that makes it unique, and that story should be compelling and inspiring. Web Spectron Digital Creative Agency ( in partnership with Handyman Services Do It ( both platinum franchises of Spectron Ltd, delivered the best event structural and branding plan to Crystal Soleil Cameroun (Solpia Cameroun) in December 2022. Approved, Detailed implementation was effected via timely delivery and deployment at the event ground achieving great marketing & publicity of all products.

Crystal Hair Challenge 2022 Gadgets Delivered

– Graphics & Print Designs

– Roll-Up Banners

– Exhibition Stands

– Backdrops

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Handyman Services Do It

Handyman services under the umbrella of Spectron Ltd have as its mission to contribute to the overall modern infra-structural design and development of the nation as a whole with its unique and spectacular design services and modern working techniques to improve customer service and building functionality in an ever-developing digital world.


  • Interior & Exterior Design.
  • Upholstery & Furniture.
  • Construction Contracting.
  • Lighting Systems & Decor Installations.
  • Billboards, Events, and Seminars Design & Setup.

Webspectron Digital Creative Agency

Our beliefs and core competencies in user-focused design across multidisciplinary areas allow for seamless consistency and a greater focus on the details that matter. we have a very highly focused and goal-oriented team, which works one-on-one with the portfolio of clients offering targeted creative capabilities across the industry. Pathways are developed to create a visual and narrative identity that speaks to the audience by articulating company culture, style, and philosophy – improving awareness and making connections.

Watch Video on Youtube >>>> Crystal Hair Challenge 2022 Video By Webspectron


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