W.A.F 2.0 Website & Re-Brand Completion with Webspectron Agency

W.A.F 2.0 Website & Re-Brand Completion with Webspectron Agency

Wolloh Alian Foundation to Welfare Aid for the Future (W.A.F)

The Welfare Aid For The Future (W.A.F) is a non-profit organization and a leading voice for fighting extreme poverty in underserved communities across Cameroon and Nigeria. Launched in 2020 with the name WOLLOH ALIAN FOUNDATION (W.A.F) and domain name (www.wollohalianfoundation.org), We successfully executed major humanitarian projects in alignment with the Mission, Vision, and Objectives of the Organization and came to embody the greater purpose of the foundation and decided to implement major reforms on the brand to meet these purposes including the changing of our name to WELFARE AID FOR THE FUTURE (W.A.F) and the complete Re-brand of our website and change of domain name to (www.welfareaidfuture.org) alongside our social media presence with the help of our digital partners Web Spectron Digital Creative Agency.


Welfare Aid For The Future (W.A.F) is an independent Cameroon-based Non-Profit that provides funding to promote the social and economic welfare of people in need across the country. The W.A.F funds project responding to current problems in areas of poverty, unemployment, internally displaced persons, Hunger, education, low access to health care, and lack of good drinking water.

Our Mission

W.A.F’s mission is to assist individuals and communities with the means to improve their living standards and make their dreams come true. We believe that by supporting local organizations and small businesses that are focused on creating long-term solutions to issues such as poverty, hunger, and unemployment, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of people across Cameroon.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower the next generation by building resilient communities through our funding programs.

Our Areas of Intervention

  • Orphan Care
  • Hunger Relief
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Drinking Water Sanitation
  • Sustainable Livelihood and Self Employment

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