Web Spectron In Media & Marketing partnership with Welfare Aid for the Future (W.A.F)

Web Spectron as part of our C.S.R Policy has long been a partner with (W.A.F) Welfare Aid for the Future on their humanitarian works and outreach programs since 2020, when the organization was still called Wolloh Alian Foundation taking part in a couple of outreach programs such as The Visit to Cameroon Foster Care Center, The visit to Cholera Patients at BOTA Hospital, and most recently the Health Outreach To The Bonendele Hospital Littoral Cameroon,  and most recently the #BacktoSchoolbyWAF Campaign which took us to different towns in the southwest region of Cameroon. We strive to be Socially Responsible and Cooperate Social Responsibility (C.S.R) is at the Core of Our Values.

Partnership Scope 

From creating and managing our partner’s website and online assets to effectively participating in the activities of the Foundation, Web Spectron Digital Creative Agency, and Welfare Aid for the Future (W.A.F) have reached a media arrangement that allows us to work together and get the right information and brand image of the foundation to the public via visuals(images), graphics, and cross article referencing which so far has proven effective and our partner is delighted with the progress so far.

Web Spectron designs experiences every company has a story that makes it unique, and that story should be compelling and inspiring. Our experiential design process creates emotion and engagement between the brand and consumer through UX, web design, graphic design, and vital content strategies.

W.A.F 2.0 Website & Re-Brand Completion with Webspectron Agency

Our Partner W.A.F

W.A.F.’s mission is to assist individuals and communities with the means to improve their living standards and make their dreams come true. We believe that by supporting local organizations and small businesses that are focused on creating long-term solutions to issues such as poverty, hunger, and unemployment, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of people across Cameroon. We want to show support for our partner in this endeavor as we have been doing since 2020.

We look forward to an exemplary partnership relationship that will last and will remain mutually beneficiary to all parties involved. Join us today in our fight against poverty, and together we can create a better future for everyone.



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